Website fixed!

The website went rogue on me and deleted a few weeks of homework in various classes.  A parent contacted me this morning and all classes are updated and corrected.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Enjoy the rest of your break!

fall 4


Advanced Art HW For week 7 posted

IMG_2330Advanced art homework is posted. We are continuing to develop a working sketchbook practice and use the work in the sketchbook as a foundation for final pieces. I want everyone to be Dedicated to their Art! Above is a shot of the Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C. Below is an installation created on a 3-d printer of abstractions of different architectural landmarks from throughout the nation. They were amazing and filled the upstairs gallery ballroom of the Renwick.



Advanced Art Video Demo posted

Good morning! The charcoal video demo for this weeks sketches is posted to the Advanced Art homework page. Since I am delayed in posting the video I am only requiring three completed sketches in a format. The drawings should look finished and demonstrate good craft. In class I will critique the pine cone contours, the graphite tonal egg drawings and the charcoal cup drawings. We will discuss the Chuck Close film and upcoming project. Have your questions ready. Below is s picture of me at the National Gallery of Art with Chuck Close's portrait of Fannie. See if you notice deeply if you can tell what the media he used in this portrait. See you Thursday!

Advanced Art Homework Posted Week 5 Contour and Graphite Tonal Drawing

Advanced Art Homework for week 5 due September 14th is posted to the website.  The video demo from class with detailed instructions for the graphite tonal egg drawings is on the sketchbook.  Your sketchbook drawings should look like mini-final drawings.  We will be working on the sketchbook process for 4 weeks.  The more we build our sketchbook process the easier the transition to final portfolio drawings.  In class week 5 we will be learning about artist Chuck Close and his amazing portraits.  Have a great week!

Intro and Studio Art Homework for Week 5 posted September 12th and 14th

The homework for Intro and Studio Art for week 5 is posted.  I have included links to video demos for blind and partial peek demos to help your children remember what was covered in class this week.  The videos use pine cones for the subject.  The intro classes are only drawing flowers. Next week in class we will wrap up the contour drawing process and introduce a new project in the manner of artist, Chuck Close. Below is a detail and a full image of one of his portraits.  Have a great week!